BITS Limited
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for our new MRI room lights 
that everyone will enjoy.


Now that incandescent lamps are no longer available, update your MRI lighting in the same amount of time it takes to do a PM.


The simplest, fastest & most cost effective way to update your MRI lighting! No need for blueprints & expensive customized lighting solutions.


Since 1986 BITS Limited has designed retrofits & products in both the medical & retail markets. 


Our company is constantly evolving and growing.  Since 1986 we have been providing a wide range of parts, products & services in over 25 countries.  Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. In 1986 BITS Limited was formed by 2 brothers Bruce Barton & Russell Barton. When parts were no longer available, we installed retrofits on the computer side of the equipment that did not require FDA approval such as modern disk drives & controllers, archive to CD rom in place of reel to reel tape, Flat panel text monitors (image was FDA) & Y2K patches. In 2002 when we discovered that the billing departments used more electricity then the MRI, we invented the smart strip energy saving power strip which is still sold today.  During Covid, we designed PPP sterilizers for the hospitals & tennis bag sterilizers for the USA tennis association. Now have have our new products, low cost MRI room & magnet lighting. Cyber security modules for legacy devices. And more products to come soon. 



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