by BITS


Widely Used


Ozone  has 100s of studies showing how effective it works. More then 12 studies were performed on its effectiveness on the Corona virus. Ozone is used nationwide by many water  companies to sterilize  water supplies. Many pools use ozone in place of chlorinators.  Ozone is used in food processing of many companies. Whole house sterilization has been used for decades in FL. Ozone is clearly the most effective & most cost effective solution.



We are certified by the National Ozone Association which has outlined a uniform certification process to insure repeatable reliable results. We are using only all  natural eco products that leave no hazardous residue and no negative environmental impact.  

To further insure a sterilized environment, we track our results with the latest technologies & we are part of a national certification process.



Founded in 1986, BITS  services medical equipment in more then 12 different countries. Designed  part replacement strategies to allow the older equipment to serve the medical community.  Designed & built the most successful energy saving power strip called the Smart Strip which  sold over 10,000 units per month at the peak.

We are now providing sterilization services, inventing new products to solve the new problems facing all of the world.